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Artificial Intelligence for Governance


India can be better managed using new A.I. technologies only if we build big data from reliable sources. At Prarang, we collect data of India at a "District" level. Using 42+ different sources of government ( eg. Census 2011) & some other public domain socio-economic, internet & culture/nature metrics , we have created our Prarang database for 768+ Districts of India on 140+ parameters each. Often government data is only available at 28 States & 8 Union Territories level.

Prarang does not do surveys to collect data. We mostly use Public sources of data - both government census, surveys, reports and private surveys whose results are available in news media & public websites. We follow a three-fold Indian logic ( Tarkashastra) method of information/data classification - We collect Pramana ( Evidence based i.e. Census, Reliable Surveys etc) data & then do Anumana ( Estimation modelling ) to Geo tag fill data in the residual Districts/DHQ (District HQ), to ensure data completion for "All India". We then do Upamana ( comparison) i.e. rank all districts/DHQs for a relative comparison. For each data field, the Samana ( Country Average) is calculated to again rank all districts/DHQs on Rank Above or Rank Below the Samana/Average. All our data sources, and our estimation modeling methods are transparently shared on each data field title , and can be accessed by clicking on the "i" icon. For more, please see this FAQ

On each of the Prarang Analytics pages of India's 768 District pages, we present a basic Artificial Intelligence ( Traditional A.I. not Generative A.I. ) based - District Performance "HIGHLIGHTS". Each performance parameter ( currently, just Socio-Economic data & not Culture/Nature metrics) of the respective District is ranked vis-a-vis all other 767 Districts of India & also ranked Above/Below India Average, on the same parameter.Based on these comparative rankings, each District's USP is highlighted on its Best & Worst parameters. Effectively, this has created an unbiased & automated - "Standard District Performance Report Card" - for all India. The role of the D.M. ( District Magistrate) & his team can particularly benefit from such standardized accountability.

Do note that each of the English language sentences in the District HIGHLIGHTS box on the Prarang District Analytics page, are A.I. generated - The first statement is a logic statement ( " Tarka" statement in Indian logic) & the second statement is an inference statement ( " Tatpurya" statement in Indian logic).

Please select any India geography by District name & note the - District Highlights - India