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for Geographic Intelligence


Prarang's Geographic Intelligence is a comprehensive big data solution that provides valuable insights into various geographic regions in India and across the world. It is a powerful solution that provides development planners ( Non-Profits & Government) with the data they need to plan their effort, understand regional development disparities, select the best entry points for meaningful impact, and run successful community projects in local languages, tailored to specific regional preferences. With access to these crucial insights, development planners can make data-driven decisions and do better by going hyperlocal in today’s complex and diverse locations.

India Development Planner - India's incredible diversity presents unique opportunities and challenges for businesses. State-level comparisons do not reveal the diverse economic models of big India. The India Development Planner now helps uncover hidden patterns and differences between regions ( 768 Districts – mix of towns & villages) in the country. By analyzing various indicators like GDP, infrastructure development, education, healthcare, and social indicators across Indian districts, businesses can understand the level of development in different regions and tailor their strategies accordingly. This tool is invaluable for answering questions like, "How developed is one part of India compared to another?“ You can even customize your own – India Development Index – and generate unique insights.

Globalization Planner - Coming soon – Compare & select from 195 Countries & Country Capital towns across the world.

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