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Mumbai is UA includes 1.Bandra?(East) 2.Thane Please note that the Mother Tongue ( highest number) of this City/DHQ ( District Headquarter) in Census 2011 is Marathi Additionally, there is a possibility that there is more than 30K literate Urdu language population too in this City. The Census did NOT distinguish between literacy in Urdu vs merely speaking in Urdu language- as such, we can't be sure. It is therefore recommended to consider all URDU and Hindi data consolidated together for this City/DHQ, for any linguistic Digital market/advertising size calculations.

City (district capitals)/DHQ

  • 1. Marathi   :   4,404,928
  • 2. Hindi   :   3,598,542
  • 3. English Multilingual Population   :   2,654,925

Number Of Languages spoken by more then 30K Population : 12


Basic Details

City (District Capitals)/DHQ
Population  :
City(District Capitals)/DHQ
Population (Rank)  
Area (km2)  
Area (Rank)
No.of Towns  
in District
: 716
No. of Villages  
in District
: 739

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Mumbai Highlights: India City/Districts Comparison

Mumbai is the 2nd ranked city in population, out of 768 District Capitals (DHQs) of India. It is the capital of Mumbai District in Maharashtra State. Mumbai City District is 171st highest ranked in population & 748th ranked in area, in India. Please keep the DHQ rank in perspective, for the highlights below.

Mumbai City / District Ranks


GDP (Crores. RBI SCB June 2023)   767th
GDP per Capita ('000', RBI SCB June 2023)   768th

State   412th
State Code   610th
District   457th
AEGR (2011) (District)   6th
District Area (Sq Km)   16th
Type (D, ND, UT, CH, SC)   733rd

Dist. Formation Year   649th

Number of Universities(No,AISHE 2020)   399th
Number of Colleges(No,AISHE 2020)   750th

Number of Internet Connections(No, TRAI 2023)   767th

Total Annual Newspaper Circulation(No, RNI 2021)   717th
Number of Dailies or Magazines(No, RNI 2021)   720th
Number of Theatres(No, BOC 2020)   213th

Number of Police Stations(NO, IPC 2021)   600th

Urbanization(% , Census 2011)   690th
Number of Households with Location of drinking water source within premises(Number , Census 2011)   715th
Number of Households with Location of drinking water source near premises(Number , Census 2011)   407th
Number of Households with Location of drinking water source away from premises(Number , Census 2011)   204th
Number of Households with Main source of Lighting as Electricity(Number , Census 2011)   691st
Number of Households with Main source of Lighting as Kerosene(Number , Census 2011)   221st
Number of Households with Main source of Lighting as Solar Energy(Number , Census 2011)   354th
Number of Households with No Lighting(Number , Census 2011)   357th
Number of households having latrine facility within the premises(Number , Census 2011)   692nd
Number of Households that use firewood as fuel for Cooking (Number , Census 2011)   84th
Number of Households that use crop residue as fuel for Cooking (Number , Census 2011)   296th
Number of Households that use cowdung cake as fuel for Cooking (Number , Census 2011)   227th
Number of Households that use coal/charcoal as fuel for Cooking (Number , Census 2011)   348th
Number of Households that use Kerosene as fuel for Cooking (Number , Census 2011)   735th
Number of Households that use LPG/PNG as fuel for Cooking (Number , Census 2011)   727th
Number of Households that use Biogas as fuel for Cooking (Number , Census 2011)   523rd
Number of Households that use any other type of fuel for Cooking (Number , Census 2011)   359th
Number of Households that don't use any type of fuel for Cooking (Number , Census 2011)   739th
Total Households classified user Type of Fuel used for Cooking(Number , Census 2011)   659th
Number of Households with Kitchen facility inside house(Number , Census 2011)   692nd
Number of Households with Kitchen facility outside house(Number , Census 2011)   190th

Number of Households with Owned houses(No, Census 2011)   591st
Number of Households with rented houses(No, Census 2011)   723rd
Number of Households with ownership status of house as other(No, Census 2011)   699th
Number of Households with means of Transport as Bicycle(No, Census 2011)   285th
Number of Households with means of Transport as Scooter/ Motorcycle/Moped(No, Census 2011)   608th
Number of Households with means of Transport as Car/ Jeep/Van(No, Census 2011)   725th
Number of Households with Radio Transistor(No, Census 2011)   716th
Number of Households with Television(No, Census 2011)   709th
Number of Households with Internet(No, Census 2011)   740th
Number of Households without Internet(No, Census 2011)   726th
Number of Households with Landline only(No, Census 2011)   729th
Number of Households with Mobile only(No, Census 2011)   675th
Number of Households with Both landline and mobile(No, Census 2011)   733rd
Number of Households with TV, Computer/Laptop, Telephone/mobile phone and Scooter/ Car(No, Census 2011)   728th
Number of Households without TV, Internet, Radio, Computer, Mobile, Landline(No, Census 2011)   243rd
Number of households availing banking services(No, Census 2011)   717th
Number of Banks(No, RBI RBI SCB June 2023)   730th
Number of Banks(No, RBI SCB Q3 2022)   734th

No of Hospital Beds(No, MOFHW 2022)   607th
No of Primary Health Centers(No, MOFHW 2022)   575th
No of Community Health Centers(No, MOFHW 2022)   528th
No of Sub Divisional Hospital(No, MOFHW 2022)   331st
No of District Hospital(No, MOFHW 2022)   550th
No of Total Hospitals(No, MOFHW 2022)   574th

City (DHQ ) Pop 2011   768th
City (DHQ ) Pop 2011 ('000)   764th
City(DHQ) Pop 2023   767th
City/DHQ Population Class   767th
District Pop 2011   677th
District Pop 2011 ('000)   677th
District Pop 2012   670th
District Pop 2013   665th
District Pop 2014   660th
District Pop 2015   655th
District Pop 2016   649th
District Pop 2017   645th
District Pop 2018   640th
District Pop 2019   631st
District Pop 2020   621st
District Pop 2021   609th
District Pop 2022   600th
District Pop 2023   598th

Working Population 2018 (Number,Census 2011)   696th
Working Population 2021(Number,Census 2011)   679th
Working Population 2023(Number,Census 2011)   664th
Number of Central Government Jobs (Number,DOE Annual Report 2018)   761st
Number of State Government Jobs   768th
Number of Private Jobs( Number, Labour Ministry Quarterly employment Survey 2022)   767th
Number of PSU Jobs(Number,DPE 2022, )   758th
Number of Formal Jobs(Sum,DPE 2022)   768th
Number of Informal Jobs (Including all Unemployed) (Number, Labour Ministry Quarterly employment Survey 2022 and Sengupta committee)   768th
Number of Companies   756th
Formal Jobs % Working Pop(%,DPE 2022)   749th
Govt Jobs % of Working Population(%,DPE 2022)   749th

Decadal Growth Rate (2011) (%, Census 2011)   93rd
Sex-Ratio (1000) (%, Census 2011)   12th
Number of Males (2011) (Number, Census 2011)   650th
Number of Females (2011) (District) (Number, Census 2011)   623rd
Population per sq. km. (Km, Census 2011)   743rd

Literacy (%)   735th
HQ Mother Tongue Population   762nd
Assamese Script   461st
Bengali Script   734th
Devnagri Script (Hindi)   766th
Gurumukhi Script (Punjabi)   656th
Kannada Script   521st
Malayalam Script   662nd
Marathi Script   703rd
Gujarati Script   616th
Odia Script   644th
Perso-Arabic Script (Urdu)   720th
Tamil Script   639th
Telugu Script   620th
Latin Script (English)   672nd
Other Scripts   273rd
English Multilingual Population   768th
Script Pools Number < 30,000   535th
Assamese   444th
Bengali   738th
Bodo   179th
Dogri   249th
Gujarati   615th
Hindi   767th
Kannada   485th
Kashmiri   270th
Konkani   310th
Maithili   509th
Malayalam   665th
Manipuri   328th
Marathi   701st
Nepali   689th
Odia   648th
Punjabi   659th
Sanskrit   294th
Santali   272nd
Sindhi   407th
Tamil   637th
Telugu   615th
Urdu   714th
Adi   101st
Afghani   53rd
Anal   28th
Angami   42nd
Ao   70th
Arabic   298th
Bhili   263rd
Bhotia   97th
Bhumij   31st
Coorgi   73rd
Deori   24th
Dimasa   60th
English   607th
Gadaba   5th
Gangte   35th
Garo   123rd
Gondi   181st
Halabi   55th
Halam   27th
Hmar   28th
Ho   101st
Kabui   55th
Karbi   58th
Khandeshi   113th
Kharia   146th
Khasi   135th
Khezha   21st
Khond   25th
Kinnauri   47th
Koch   25th
Koda   23rd
Kom   35th
Konda   22nd
Korku   31st
Korwa   39th
Kuki   121st
Kurukh   326th
Ladakhi   58th
Lahauli   6th
Lahnda   122nd
Lakher   41st
Lepcha   33rd
Liangmei   23rd
Limbu   9th
Lotha   34th
Lushai   166th
Malto   13th
Mao   62nd
Miri   15th
Mishmi   25th
Mogh   16th
Munda   234th
Mundari   158th
Nissi   72nd
Paite   60th
Pochury   7th
Rabha   48th
Rai   22nd
Sangtam   7th
Savara   59th
Sema   35th
Sherpa   20th
Shina   16th
Tamang   27th
Tangkhul   81st
Tangsa   27th
Thado   75th
Tibetan   118th
Tripuri   114th
Tulu   187th
Wancho   28th
Others   598th

Population (18-24) (Number, 2023)   732nd
Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) in Higher Education (18-23 Years)(No,AISHE 2020)   559th
Number of Enrolment in Private and Government Colleges(No,AISHE 2020)   767th
Number of Ph.D Enrolments(No,AISHE 2020)   759th
Number of Master's Enrolment(No,AISHE 2020)   768th
Number of Bachelor's Enrolment(No,AISHE 2020)   768th
Number of UG Diploma Enrolments(No,AISHE 2020)   756th
Number of Diploma(No,AISHE 2020)   767th
Number of ITIS seats(No,AISHE 2020)   764th
Number of Total Enrolments(No,AISHE 2020)   768th
Number of Population (0-18)(No,Census 2011)   766th
Number of of Schools(No, UDISE 2021)   629th
Number of Higher Education Enrolments % of Pop(No, UDISE 2021)   760th
Number of UG Enrolments - Arts (No,AISHE 2020)   701st
Number of UG Enrolments - Science(No,AISHE 2020)   583rd
Number of UG Enrolments - Engg(No,AISHE 2020)   724th
Number of UG Enrolments - Commerce(No,AISHE 2020)   614th
Number of UG Enrolments - Law(No,AISHE 2020)   719th
Number of UG Enrolments - Management(No,AISHE 2020)   638th
Number of UG Enrolments - Teaching(No,AISHE 2020)   764th
Number of UG Enrolments - Medical(No,AISHE 2020)   683rd
Number of PG Enrolments - Arts(No,AISHE 2020)   701st
Number of PG Enrolments - Science(No,AISHE 2020)   583rd
Number of PG Enrolments - Engg(No,AISHE 2020)   720th
Number of PG Enrolments - Commerce(No,AISHE 2020)   613th
Number of PG Enrolments - Management(No,AISHE 2020)   639th

Number of Facebook Users. (Estimated Minimum)(No, FB Oct 2023)   725th
Number of Facebook Users. (Estimated Maximum)(No, FB Oct 2023)   725th
City FB Users % of City Literate Population(%, FB Oct 2023)   462nd
English Speakers (Second Language + Third Language(No, Census 2011)   766th
Urban Internet Pop/City Pop(%, TRAI Aug 2023)   700th
Availability of Sharechat (Hyperlocal Advertising)   743rd
Availability of Dailyhunt (Hyperlocal Advertising)   323rd
Availability of Linkedin (Hyperlocal Advertising)   229th
Linkedin Audience Size(No, Linked in 2023)   681st
Linkedin 1-day Spend   516th
Linkedin 1 Day Impressions   197th
Linkedin CTR   408th
Linkedin CPC   299th
Linkedin Cost/Engagement   59th
Twitter Low   610th
Twitter High   610th
Average   610th

Number of households(Number , Census 2011)   659th
Urban Population(Number , Census 2011)   702nd
Number of Households with No married couples(Number , Census 2011)   729th
Number of Households with 1 married couple(Number , Census 2011)   643rd
Number of Households with 2 married couples(Number , Census 2011)   605th
Number of Households with 3 married couples(Number , Census 2011)   594th
Number of Households with 4 married couples(Number , Census 2011)   535th
Number of Households with 5 married couples(Number , Census 2011)   320th

Bank Deposits(Crore, RBI RBI SCB June 2023)   741st
Bank Credit(Crore, RBI RBI SCB June 2023)   752nd
Bank Deposits(Crore, RBI SCB Q3 2022)   746th
Bank Credit(Crore, RBI SCB Q3 2022)   757th
Bank Deposit/Household (Lakhs, RBI SCB June 2023)   710th
Bank Loans/Household (Lakhs,RBI SCB June 2023)   685th
No. of Banks/1000 Household(in "1000", SCB 2023)   240th
Bank Credits - Bank Debits (Crores, RBI SCB June 2023)   2nd
Bank Credit - Bank Debit/No. of banks (Crore, RBI SCB June 2023)   5th
House Ownership % of Households(%, Census 2011)   50th
% of Household with Mobiles(%, Census 2011)   523rd
% of Households with Cars(%, Census 2011)   696th

No of Doctors(No, MOFHW 2022)   638th
No of Nurses(No, MOFHW 2022)   575th

Mumbai Culture Highlights

Sr.No Culture Metrics Counts Name

Princely State

Princely State   1 Babhai

Famous Mosques

Famous Mosques   1 Haji Ali Dargah

Famous Museum Name

Famous Museum Name   8 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly Prince of Wales Museum) in Mumbai, established in 1922.

Famous Buddhist Temple Name

Famous Buddhist Temple Name   3 Chaitya Bhoomi,Global Vipassana Pagoda,Mahakali Caves,


Zoo   1 Jijamata Udyaan
Name IATA Code City Distance

Airport Name

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai BOM 9 Km

Mumbai Nature Highlights

Nature Metrics % of India Rank Out of 768 City / Districts Data